THE 65

The Sixty-Five Superbeings

Nate’s Characters (15)

Bender/Heathcliff Arbuckle
Empowered Male lvl 2 HP:23 SDC:20
IQ:17 ME:17 MA:17 PS:10 PP:11 PE:9 PB:10 SPD:18
Alignment: Anarchist
Cannot use legs/Tragety/Psionic Compensation
Street Educated

Fang/Greg Krinkle
Experiment Male lvl2 HP:13 SDC:40
IQ:6 ME:14 MA:8 PS:7 PP:10 PE:9 PB:14 SPD:9
Alignment: Unprincipled
Radiation Accident/Military Throw Out
Must physically transform (8’11" 300 lbs grey skin)
Supernatural Bite, Speed Tasking, Instant Weapon, Lunar Strength
4 year Educated

Fullback/Christina Walker
Experiement Female lvl 4 HP:21 SDC:40
IQ:8 ME:10 MA:18 PS:12 PP:8 PE:10 PB:4 SPD:12
Alignment: Anarchist
Chem/Rad combination Unexpected Odd skin (blue with white dots) Private Organization/Crime Fighter
Run away (hunted)
Force Manipulation, Dimensional Room, Absorb Matter
Military Educated

Torpedo/Kristy Keets
Symbiote Female lvl 4 HP:28 SDC:30
IQ:17 ME:10 MA:13 PS:12 PP:11 PE:14 PB:17 SPD:8
Alignment: Principled
Supernatural Being from fabric of space/no intelegence/large insect convers 60% of body
Consumes mental energy -5% to all skills/Host impervious to disease +20 vs. coma/death
Underwater Abilities, Underwater Perpulsion, Detonation, APS: Mercery
Military Specialist

Gramms/Franklin Benacci
Empowered Female lvl 2 HP:14 SDC:20
IQ:10 ME:13 MA:10 PS:7 PP:10 PE:6 PB:9 SPD:14
Alignment: Principled
Elderly 72 year old, victim of evil, PSI#2
Street Educated

Joy Buzzer/Jeffrey Conners
Latent Psi (Eletrikenic) Male lvl 4 HP:19 SDC:30
IQ:8 ME:10 MA:14 PS:10 PP:9 PE:9 PB:10 SPD:10
Alignment: Unprincipled
Military Specialist

Hot Wax/Samantha Weston
Experiment Female lvl 4 HP:22 SDC:50/60
IQ:6 ME:24 MA:10 PS:17 PP:9 PE:8 PB:15 SPD:5
Alignment: Anarchist
Medical Research, Unknow Agent, Successful, Chemical Resistant
Indestructable Bones, Resin, APS: Wax, Sonic Speed

Agent X
Alien Female lvl 3 HP:22 SDC:20
IQ:5 ME:20 MA:11 PS:5 PP:8 PE:9 PB:9 SPD:13
Alignment: Unprincipled
Classic Alien 4 fingers and a thumb, Aqua World, Swim 85%, 8’0" 206lbs
Hold breath 10 minutes,
Combat Specialist

Match Stix/ Jessica Smart
Latent Psi (Pyrokenetic) Female lvl 3 HP:16 SDC:30
IQ:10 ME:10 MA:7 PS:10 PP:11 PE:9 PB:11 SPD:10
Alignment: Principled
High School Educated

Mutant Animal: Elephant Male lvl 3 HP:14 SDC:35 Height:4’4" Weight:200
IQ:14 ME:14 MA:10 PS:22 (Brute) PP:15 PE:11 PB:13 SPD:22
Alignment: Unprincipled
Speech:None (telepathic transmission)
Tusks: 5D6
Trunk (equal to PS)
Mechanic Apprentace

Jumper/Jason Finch
Imbued Male lvl 3 HP:25 SDC:30
IQ:10 ME:9 MA:13 PS:8 PP:8 PE:19 PB:15 SPD:13
Alignment: Scrupulous
Hypnotic Condition, Moderate Recovery, Only them, 1D6+4 hours, 2X daily
Energy Fist, Impervious to Possession/Control, Earth Empowerment, Multitasking, Doorway, Dispersal, Increase Durability
Street Educated

Wolfman/Sam Dolsey
Empowered Male lvl 3 HP:34 SDC:20
IQ:13 ME:8 MA:11 PS:11 PP:9 PE:24 PB:7 SPD:9
Alignment: Anarchist
Physically Deformed, Witness terrible crime, Lycanthopy
Three year college educated

6/Willamina Pepper
Symbiote Female lvl 1 HP:18 SDC:30
IQ:13 ME:9 MA:7 PS:7 PP:11 PE:13 PB:13 SPD:10
Alignment: Scrupulous
Time and space rip, Squid, Eats flesh, Animal intelegence, Host resists magic
Motion Detection, Cicular Vision, Heighten Sense of Ballance, Blur, Parabolic Hearing
Master Degree educated

Stalker/Joyce Windruff
Mutant Human Female Lvl 4 HP:28 SDC:41 Weight:210
IQ:7 ME:11 MA:7 PS:12 PP:10 PE:8 PB:10 SPD:23
Genetic Aborition, Stocky build,
Alter limbs, Bend light, Heavy Weight
Street Educated

Wild Fire/Allisa Johnstone
Mutant Human Female lvl 5 HP:27 SDC:30
IQ:14 ME:14 MA:10 PS:8 PP:15 PE:12 PB:14 SPD:10
Alignment: Unprincipled
Unkown Agent, Animal Face (Wolf like)
APS: Fire, Feral, Danger Sense, Flame Ring
One year Educated

Gravitron’s Characters (10)

Kevin Armstrong “Spike” HP: 18 SDC: 40
Male Experiment- Level 3- Chemical & Radiation, Unexpected Results
-Powers: Kinetic Manipulation Healing Factor, Quills or Spines,
Indestructible Bones, Extraordinary Speed 280 mph
IQ17 ME12 MA15 PS14 PP8 PE10 PB13 SPD12

Angela Patterson “Blades” HP: 42 SDC: 90
Female Alien- Level 2- Humanoid Feline – High Gravity Environment –
Experiment One Major 2 Minors
-Powers: Matter Expulsion: Metal/ Steel, Personal Forcefield,
IQ21 ME9 MA13 PS22 PP13 PE18 PB13 SPD 39

Nathan Rayburn “Smelter” HP 24 SDC: 30
Male Alien – Level 4 – Humanoid Amphibian – Aquatic World – Super
-Powers: Magnetism, Energy Expulsion Fire, Healing Power, Impervious to
Control & Possession
IQ14 ME11 MA15 PS13 PP14 PE12 PB13 SPD24

Ethan Wellington “Strobe” HP:32 SDC:40
Male Alien- Level 4 – Human Like – Twilight World – Super
-Powers: Energy Doppleganger, Energy Expulsion Light, Mental Stun
IQ11 ME15 MA20 PS12 PP14 PE14 PB10 SPD12

Dawn Scheel “Reach” HP: 25 SDC: 30
Female Mutant Human – Level 4 – Mystery Cause- No Strange Features – Unstable
Powers (Minor becomes Major at level 4)
-Powers: Stretching, Superhuman Strength (Supernatural Strength), Impervious
to Fire & Heat
IQ9 ME11 MA13 PS57 PP10 PE17 PB12 SPD15

Andrew Bellin “Cypher” HP: 40 SDC:30
Male Mutant – Human – Level 4 – Accident – Delicate Hands -
-Powers: Mechanolink, Bookworm, Mechanical Awareness
IQ13 ME10 MA14 PS6 PP13 PE22 PB8 SPD21

Simon Wilson “Ghost” HP: 40 SDC: 30
Male Symbiote Worm- Level 3 – Animal Low Intelligence- Human Waste –
Stealthy, Impervious to Mind Control, Increased Speed & Stamina
-Powers: Intangability, Weight Manipulation, Sonar
IQ7 ME13 MA7 PS14 PP9 PE8 PB5 SPD33

Yasmin Marie “Blackout” HP: 27 SDC 30
Female Symbiote- Level 2- Mutated Lower Lifeform – Bugs Under Skin – Low
Animal Intelligence – Electromagnetic, See Invisible, Impervious to Mind
Control, Breathe Water, Air or Vaccum
-Powers: Invulnerability, Energy Expulsion: EMP, Energy Expulsion:
IQ10 ME10 MA10 PS14 PP13 PE13 PB11 SPD13

Bill HP: 21 SDC:50
Male Mutant Animal- Level 3 – Buffalo “Bill” – Rural – Accidental Encounter
- Brought up as experiment – Private industry, Goes Public – Size 14
-Powers: Horns 2d6 + PS Telepathic Transmission, Superhuman Strength
PS 41
IQ11 ME11 MA14 PS41 PP19 PE13 PB11 SPD24

Kari Leung “Lashes” HP: 19 SDC 35
Female Hardware: Super Invention – Level 1 – Private Industry – Inventor –
Active but disavowed ($400k per year worked for 6 years) – Purpose:
Espionage – Style: Backpack 200SDC 15 AR – 2d6 x $100 to repair with basic
mechanics – 7th level item power – Mechanical Genius ($750,000 spending
-Powers: Teleportation (Teleport 4 times per 15 seconds), Negate Powers, Extrodinary PP, Energy Whipe 3d6 + 14
+ PS (15ft reach 2 whips with weapon pairing)
IQ13 ME14 MA13 PS20 PP31 PE14 PB14 SPD24

Mhoram’s Characters (10)

1- Victahana Milltall Female Human Hardware:Super Invention Analytical Genius w/doctorate
Battle Suit 440 SDC AR 17 7th level Costs 3D6x1000 repair Powers: 2 major 2 minor
Supernatural PS, Gravity Manipulation, Extraordinary Speed, Superhuman PS
Level 4 Spd 360 MPH Init+5 Strike+4 Parry+7 Auto Dodge+2 Dodge+10 Pull+3 Roll+6 Attacks 5
IQ 21 ME13 MA9 PS 87 PP 19 PE 14 PB 10 HP 34 SDC 49

2- Steven Spook Male Human Imbued Hypnosis 12 hrs Whenever 4 Minors
Blur, Immune to Illusions, Heightened Hearing, 360 Vision
Level 3 IQ13 ME 20 MA8 PS12 PP 19 PE11 PB 7 SPD 10 Attacks 4 HP 18 SDC 29

3- Elantra Enchantress Female Mage-Mystic
Globe of Daylight, Carpet of Adhesion, Armour of Ithan, Fire Bolt, Charm, Eyes of Thoth, Horrific Illusion, Impervious to Energy, Words of Truth, Dispel Magic Barriers, Globe of Silence, Negate Magic, Havoc, Invisibility:Superior
Level 2 IQ 16 ME10 MA9 PS17 PP18 PE 20 PB13 SPD13 PPE 118 Attacks 3 HP 29 SDC 31

4- Hugo Hicharge Male SuperSoldier
Immune to Kinetic Energy, Bionic Weapon System: Electric Discharge & Energy Blast. Physical Transformation, Wingless Flight.
Lev 4 IQ 11 ME 17 MA 9 PS24 PP 20 PE 18 PB 11 Spd 23 SDC 94 Attacks 5 HP 35 SDC 42

5- Joe Garage Male Master Psionic:
Machine Ghost, Precognition, Sixth Sense, Speed Reading, Psychic Diagnosis, Psychic Purification, Psychic Surgery, Mind Block, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Object Read, See the Invisible, Intuitive Combat, Sense Magic
Telemechanics, Telemechanic Mental Operation, Remote Viewing, Telekinetic Force Field
Lev 3 IQ 9 ME 23 MA17 PS 23 PP17 PE 12 PB 20 SPD 8 ISP 176 Attacks 4 HP 20 SDC 32

6- Clint Electrowood Male Hardware: Super Invention Gun-style Weapon Stolen Prototype AR15 SDC200
2 Major, 2 Minor
Weight Manipulation, Invulnerability, Extraordinary PP, Energy Expulsion:Electricity
Lev 4 IQ 14 ME 7 MA 8 PS 12 PP 27 PE 10 PB 6 Spd 31 Attacks 5 HP 27 SDC 41

7- Handi Man Male Empowered Mute 3 Major 2 Minors
Self Explosion, Distort Space, Gravity Waves, Immune to Magic, Glide
Lev 2 IQ 12 ME 17 MA 11 PS 13 PP 18 PE 12 PB 8 SPD 9 Attacks 4 HP 17 SDC 29

8- Creature from the Blue Lagoon Female Empowered Ugly Underwater ability
Lev 1 IQ 7 ME 14 MA 7 PS 8 PP 11 PE 12 PB 2 SPD 12 HF12 Attacks 3 HP 17 SDC 27

9- Millard Maximum Male Imbued Amulet 9 hrs 8 minors
Energy Shield, Touch, Impervious to Light/Lasers, Supervision Xray, Space Flight, Heightened sense of Time, Impervious Fire/Heat, Immune to Super Abilities
Lev 3 IQ 11 ME 17 MA 13 PS 8 PP 18 PE 11 PB 11 SPD 13 Attacks 5 HP 21 SDC 26

10- Aliella Waveflight Female Imbued Tea Psych Addiction 6hrs any time 7 minors
360 Vision, Extraordinary PB, Wave Rider, Extraordinary Spd, Lightning Reflexes, Power Weapon, Awe Factor 15
Lev 4 Spd 360 MPH Init +5 Strike +5 Parry +8 Auto Dodge +2 Dodge +11 Pull +3 Roll +6 Attacks 5
IQ 8 ME 11 MA 8 PS 14 PP21 PE 22 PB 31 SPD 13 HP 41 SDC 47

Rebirth’s Characters (10)

1. Experiment: Abducted by the Aliens that own the ships: Unexpected result: Thermal Vision: Winged Flight: Without Sustenance: Radar: Chronic Pain: Military: Secretly Hunted: Female

2. Empowered: Lost arm: Personal Tragedy: Psionic Overcome: Telemechanics, TK Force Field, TK: Punch, TK: Push, 3 physical psionics: Impervious to Fire, Impervious to Cold: Teleport Object: Male

3. Mutant: Human: Deliberate Experiment: No unusual Traits: Absorb Biomass: Distort Space (Mutated from Doorway): Giant: Ability mutates at level 3: Level is 3: Male

4. Symbiote: Fell from outer space: Leech or worm along the spine: PB 21(Was 30): Sentient: Symbiote: IQ 16, ME 21, MA 20: Eats Edible Food: Bonuses: Resist Fire, Super Human Str (15 PS) (+4 SDC), Resist Magic: Stretching: Creater Force Constructs: Superhuman Strength(minor) 39 PS: No damage or problems removing: Female

5. Empowered: Mute: Personal Tragedy: Bionics: 6m budget:

6. Imbued: Mystic: Potion: Severe Adiction, twice as long to recover: Anyone can use the agent, as long as it is specifically tailored to their body: Those instructed by hero can make it: Lasts 7 hours: Take twice in 24: Abilities: Super Wind Blast (PU1), Pixie Dust (PU3), Targeting (PU3), Energy Shield (PU1), Heightened Sense of Balance (PU1), Supervison: Circular Vision (PU1)

7. Experiment: Chem/Rad: Unexpected Side Effect: Abilities: Enlarge Body Part (Pu1), Super Bounce (PU1), Shadow Trap (PU3), Life Sense (PU1), Shadow Meld (Pu1), No body hair, Private Industry: Ran away, Secretly hunted, hostile not deadly:

8. Mutant: Human: Accidental encounter: No unusual traits: Continuous Mutation: Item Reduction(HU2): Super Bounce(Pu1): Dimension Room(PU2)

9. Master Psionist:

10. Imbued: Magic Ritual: Only Imbued Hero: Just the Imbued Hero can do it: Lasts 6 hours: Often as needed: Abilities: APS: Vines (PU3), Supervision: Advanced Sight (HU2), Shadow Meld (PU1)

Shadow’s Characters (10)

1-Jessie Collins “Nanobyte”
Category:Experiment Gender:Female Level:3 HP:33 SDC:40
IQ:9 ME:13 MA:14 PS:9 PP:11 PE:20 PB:28 SPD:9
Nature of Experiment: Radiation Side Effect: Breathe Without Air
Sponsoring Organization: Military Status with Sponsor: Ran away, organization is secret and afraid to be exposed
Education: Military
Powers: Mechano-Link, Multiple Beings, Shrink

2-Christine Perry “Blink”
Category: Supersoldier Gender:Female Level:2 HP:18 SDC:78
IQ:13 ME:8 MA:13 PS:11 PP:8 PE:9 PB:11 SPD:13
Nature of Experiment: Alien Substance
Sponsoring Organization: Private Industry Status with Sponsor: Active Agent
Education: Military
Powers: Bend Light, Flight: Wingless, Skeletal Plating, Cyber-Armor

3-Roger Peterson “Torch”
Category:Experiment Gender:Female Level:2 HP:18 SDC:60
IQ:11 ME:15 MA:13 PS:10 PP:12 PE:9 PB:8 SPD:13
Nature of Experiment: Chemical and Radiation Side Effect: Light gray Skin
Sponsoring Organization: Military Status with Sponsor: Ran away, considered a criminal, hunted
Education: Three Years of College
Powers: APS: Plasma, Transferal/Possession, Radar

4-Jonathan Adams “Battery”
Category:Mutant Gender:Male Level:2 HP:21 SDC:50
IQ:14 ME:14 MA:14 PS:9 PP:12 PE:12 PB:11 SPD:11
Cause of Mutation: Radiation Unusual Characteristics: Prehensile Tail, 9 feet long
Education: One Year of College
Powers: Gem Powers, Heightened Sense of Smell, Energy Absorption

5-Cynthia Briggs “Mystic”
Category:Enchanted Object Gender:Female Level:3 HP:22 SDC:75
IQ:11 ME:12 MA:11 PS:11 PP:11 PE:12 PB:12 SPD:12
PPE of Enchanted Object: 180
Education: Three Years of College
Ability from Object: Impervious to Fire
Power Level of Spells: equal to a sixth level caster
Spell List:Spells: First Level: Blinding Flash, Cloud of Smoke, Globe of Daylight, Sense Evil
Second Level: Darkness, Extinguish Fire, Fear, Levitation
Third Level: Armor of Ithan, Impervious to Cold, Ignite Fire, Invisibility: Simple
Fourth Level: Carpet of Adhesion, Fire Bolt, Magic Net, Seal
Fifth Level: Energy Disruption, Heal
Sixth Level: Mystic Shield, Impervious to Energy
Seventh Level: Circle of Concealment
Eighth Level: Metamorphosis: Human

6-Wendy Williamson “Nightflash”
Category:Empowered Gender:Female Level:2 HP:22/66 SDC:20/110
IQ:16/13 ME:13/10 MA:13 PS:11/35(SN) PP:11/17 PE:9/16 PB:10/9 SPD:9/26
Physical Impairment: Blind Overcoming the Disability: Witness to Injustice
Physical Compensation: Physical Metamorphosis: Monster
Education: High School
Natural AR: 12
Powers: Heightened Sense of Hearing, Nightstalking, Supervision: X-Ray, Energy Expulsion: Light

7-Ricardo Hernandez “Relampago”
Category:Experiment Gender:Male Level:2 HP:26 SDC:80
IQ:13 ME:8 MA:27 PS:11 PP:14 PE:15 PB:11 SPD:9
Nature of Experiment: Chemical and Radiation Side Effect: Bluish-White Skin
Sponsoring Organization: Private Industry Status with Sponsor: Ran away, secretly hunted by organization, hostile but not deadly
Education: High School
Powers: Energy Resistance, Flight: Wingless, Energy Expulsion: Electricity, Heightened Sense of Hearing, Extraordinary Mental Affinity

8-Elizabeth Swanson “Epione”
Category:Latent Psionic Gender:Female Level:4 HP:26 SDC:30
IQ:14 ME:11 MA:12 PS:12 PP:14 PE:10 PB:13 SPD:9
ISP: 79
Powers: Attack Disease, Deaden Pain, Healing Touch, Increased Healing, Psychic Diagnosis, Psychic Purification, Psychic Surgery, Suppress Fear, Group Mind Block, Bio-Manipulation, Mind Block, Telekinesis

9-Kai d’Kundarak “Terra”
Category:Alien Gender:Female Level:4 HP:32 SDC:30
IQ:11 ME:14 MA:12 PS:14 PP:11 PE:15 PB:8 SPD:16
Appearance: Humanoid Skeletal, HF: 15
Environment: Twilight World, needs eye protection, nightvision: 600 feet
Super Abilities: Possesses Super Abilities, can’t be negated
Reason on Earth: Crash-landed, feels undecided about Earth
Familiarity with Earth: Some Familiarity
Clothes: Several sets of clothing of varying fashion
Alien Weapon: Vibro-Axe
Special Vehicle: A.T.V. Hover Vehicle
Money: $55,000 in stones/metals
Education: Pilot
Powers: Energy Resistance, Multiple Beings

10-Not sure yet, I rolled an “other”, TBD

Justin Tyhme’s Characters (10)

The Table:

01-80 Super Powers
80-90 Pionics
91-00 Magic

Super Powers
01-10 mutant: animal
11-25 mutant: human
26-40 experiment
41-50 supersodier
51-60 imbued
61-65 alien
66-70 empowered
71-80 symbiotes
81-90 super invention
91_97 Synthetics (bionics that are made of flesh)
98-00 other (rare)

01-60 latent
61-80 master
81-00 animal

01-33 enchanted object
34-66 enchanted weapon
67-00 mystic study