Mhoram Haslip "Mageright"

Ugly Mage with a Masters


Name Mhoram Haslip, aka Mageright (real name secret)
Rank Mage
Race Human

HT 6’7" Save vs Spell +8
WT 255lbs Save vs ritual +8
PPE 188 Save vs Psionic
HP 32 Save vs toxin +6
SDC 81 Save vs poison +6
Alignment Scrupulous Save vs Drugs +6
Experience Level: 4
Birthday 10-6-2004 (Age 30) Save vs poss. +1
HTH:Basic Save vs horror +2
Money 13000 Save vs coma/death 22%
Attribute Score COMBAT Bonus
IQ 19 Strike +4
ME 18 Parry +12
MA 6 Dodge +11
PS 22 Roll +7
PP 22 Pull +2
PE 26 Initiative +1
PB 4/13 Damage +12
SPD 24 Entangle +1
Attacks 6
WP Strike Parry Aimed
Sword +2 +2
Paired Sword +2 +2
Sub-Machinegun +1 +3
Weapons: Damage Range Payload/Bonus
Dwarven Scimtar 2D6 +2 Strike/Parry
Holy Falchion 4D6 Special Below
45 Thompson Sub-Machinegun 4D6 660’ 30 rd mag
Armor: Hard/Hidden AR 16 260 SDC
The Holy Falchion has been in the Haslip family for 5 generations. Minor holy weapon. +2d6 dam (included above) and Healing Touch Restore 2D6 SDC & HP. 6 times/24 hours. Karate Kick 2D4 dam
Skills Base % Bonus Total % Secondary Skills Base % Total %
Language: American 50+5 95% Radio:Basic 45+5 65%
Language: Dragonese 50+5 95% Climbing 40)30+5 80/70%
Literacy: American 40+5 85% Cooking 30+5 60%
Pilot Automobile 60+5 80% Prowl 25+5 55%
Math: Basic 50+5 95% Swimming 50+5 70%
Surveillance Systems 40+5 25 85% HTH: Basic
Research 60+5 25 80% Athletics
Writing 50+5 25 95% Running
Wilderness Survival 40+5 25 85% WP Sword:Paired
Id Plants/Fruits 60+5 80% WP Submachinegun
Land Navigation 50+5 85% WP Energy Rifle
Track Animals 40+5 75% Radio:Basic 45+5% 45%
Computer Operation 40+5 25 80%
Back Flip 70+5 25 98%
Tightrope 60+5 25 98%
Parallel Bars & Rings 60+5 25 98%
Balance 60+5 25 98%
Tightrope 60+5 25 98%
Spell Translation 8+2 25 41%
Lore:Demons & Monsters 30+5 25 75%
Geomancy 25+5 25 98%
Lore:Religion 35+5 25 80%
Archaeology 20+5 25 65%
Chemistry 30+5 25 75%
Holistic Medicine 30+5 25 75%
Electrical engineering 30+5 25 75%
Pilot Aircraft 45+5 25 90%


Spell PPE Save Duration Range Description
Decipher Magic 4 None 2 min/lev Self Any magic scroll, inscription, text or book with magic symbols
Sense Magic 4 None 2 min/lev 120’ Near or far, enchanted, invoking or being used
Cloud of Slumber 4 Standard 1 min/lev 90’ 20′×20′×20′ cloud which induces magical sleep. Cannot be roused for 1D4 melees after out
Globe of Daylight 2 None 3 min/lev 30’ Illuminates 12’area/lev. Speed of globe 12.
Tongues 10 None 1 min/lev Self or Touch 100 SDC +10/lev AR 18 Magic fire, lightning & cold do 1/2 damage
Armor of Ithan 10 None 1 min/lev Self or Touch 100 SDC +10/lev AR 18 Magic fire, lightning & cold do 1/2 damage
Carpet of Adhesion 10 Special 10 melee/lev 30’+10’/lev 10’wide 20’long or any size up to 200 square feet. Super flypaper
Magic Net 7 Special 2 melee/lev 20’/lev 10’ diameter net. Only magic weapons/spells affect net
Multiple Image 7 Special 1 min/lev Self 3 identical images, only dispelled by iron piercing image. Mage +2 init, +2 dodge, +1 strike
Energy Disruption 15 None 3 min/lev 60’ Knockout/stop/immobilize any electrical device
Fleet Feet 20 None 2 melee/lev Self or 20’ PP & Spd doubled Attacks doubled! -2 Init -20% delicate skills
Paralysis Bolt 15 Dodge Nat 19/20 Instant 90’ Paralyzed 6 melees/lev Cannot move or speak
Fire Ball 10 Dodge >18 Instant 90’ 1D6/lev
Reduce Self 20 None 3 min/lev Self 6" Spell Range, Attributes, weight down 67% SDC, HP, spell damage,duration, strength normal
Time Slip 20 None 7 seconds Self Mage moves forward 7 seconds. All around lose 2 attacks, but not mage.
Immobilize 25 Special 2 melee/lev 60’ Cone 20’diameter 40’tall Everything is immobilized!
X-Ray Vision 25 None 2 melee/lev Self 1 melee see 2’ wood, cloth, leather & 1/2’metal 2 melee 4’ wood,cloth 2’ dirt,clay, stone 1’ metal
Negate Magic 30 Special Instant 60’ Higher than spell strength
Astral Projection 6 None 5 min/lev Self
Sense Enchantment 0 None Constant 90’ 60+1%/lev
Sense Supernatural Evil 0 None Constant 90’ Approx how many, general location, strength
Sense Magic 4 None Constant 120’ 8th level or higher Mage, enchanted weapon, object, etc
Level 2
Targeted Deflection 15 None/Dodge 1 melee/level 500+50’/lev Plus 7 parry, 13+ back at target, 5-13 bounced away
Superhuman Strength 10 None 2 melee/lev Self or Touch Gives Target Super PS of 30 & PE 24, plus 30 SDC
Sustain 12 None 24 hrs/lev Self or touch No food water or air needed. Only 2 hrs sleep needed
House of Glass 12 Standard 1 min/lev 100’ Victim of spell suffers identical damage him/herself
Level 3
Apparition 20 Standard 1 min/level 30’ Creature has 3-6 attacks, +2 strike, +3 Parry, +6 Dodge, HF 10, incredibly strong
Power Bolt 20 None Instant 1600 +100’/lev 5D6+2/lev
Invisibility: Simple 6 None 3 min/lev self Only visible to infrared and those that can see invisible
Sword to Snakes 50 None
Befuddle 6 Std 2 min/lev 100’ -2 Strike, parry, dodge Attacks 1/2 Skills -20%
Wink Out 20 Std Varies Self/Touch Temporary time hole 1melee in hole=1 minute outside
Armor Bizarre 15 HF 1 min/lev 30’ 15 SDC/lev HF 11 Enemies also -1 init
Mystic Portal 60 None 4 melee/lev 20’ 10’wide 20’ tall see notes
Frequency Jamming 15 None 2 melee/lev 100’/lev All communications, transmissions or sensor systems
Energy Field 10 None 1 min/lev 60’ 100 SDC Diameter 8’
Ballistic Fire 25 None Instant 1000’+10’/lev Dodge -10 1D6x10 SDC 10’ radius 1 missile/lev
Stone to Flesh 30 None Instant 12’ 50 lbs/lev

Car: Gertrude

Equipment: Trenchcoat with special holders for both swords inside, 5 business suits, 3 large artificial noses, 4 sets eyeglasses(fake), 4 sets regular clothing, infrared distancing binoculars, thermo-imaging goggles, belt radio, shoes, underwear, toiletries. 10 extra clips for his gun. Sword cleaning kit. HF 8 when takes off mask.


Magic? Save the World? Fight Crime & Injustice? I thought I was going to be an Electrical Engineer.

Mhoram was born in the world of Palladium. He is the only child of Linden & Thomas Haslip. When he was an infant his parents escaped with only their weapons and 6 month old child through a hastily erected rift. They barely got out with their lives, and Thomas was gravely hurt. They ended up in the world of Heroes Unlimited.

32 years later, Thomas has never remembered his Dimensional Teleport spell, and has given up hope that he would be able to die in his homeland. They had the child late, needing an heir and not having time previously due to their campaigning for the Church of Light. Thomas’ old wounds are now beginning to slow him down, and at his wife’s request, the day after Mhoram graduated from USC with his Masters degree, they sat him down.

“Son,” Linden began, “we do work with the US government. However, we are more than government workers. We work for a secret government program called NSA, or National Supers Agency.”
“You see son,” Thomas jumps in, “we are alien mages from another world, and now that your schooling in this world is over, your schooling in our world is about to begin.”
Thus began Mhoram’s second education. For the next 8 years he learned magic from his parents, and learned the ways of the sword. They brought in a friend to teach him about sub-machineguns, but the rest was family time.

Thomas has given Mhoram his 2 most prized possessions, both family heirlooms. One is a dwarven crafted scimitar that is +2 to strike and parry. The other is a holy falchion that has been in the Haslip family for 5 generations (Mhoram is the 6th). It does extra damage and can heal. It has a stylized torch on the handle, representing the goddess Isis. The sword is named Urt-hekau, after Isis ability to grant spells.

Now he must find one mission on his own to engage in and complete before he is sworn in as an NSA member. The problem is, what? Where? So he is off to Detroit with his specialized Jeep Grand Cherokee (a gift for his graduation), his custom body armor (glass, plastics, and kevlar- does not affect his magic) that his parents gave him, and well, himself.

That may prove to be his biggest issue. Himself. Now 32, never employed, never had a girl, and, well, look at him. With a PB of 4, that is bad enough. Socially, almost as bad. An electrical engineering geek with a love of role-playing games, comics, and musicals…. well at least he thinks he can hold a tune. If he can find a group to put up with him he will be fine. That is a big if….

Costume: He wears a long ponytail wig, eyeglasses, a large nose, and a business suit when he has time to prepare for battle.

Mhoram Haslip "Mageright"

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