Note: This is an adventure written by Corey Livermore published in the Rifter #53 and #54.

The year is 2036 and its the dawn of a new age of mankind. Although there has been rampant speculation for as long as any can remember about the existence of aliens and super-powered humans, its has only been within the last 5 years that these beings have made themselves known.

The appearance of heroes are starting to pop up more and more creating an uneasiness that governments around the world have taken notice. While most empires/governments have started utilizing or destroying this new growing threat, the USA has done nothing until recent. State to state the laws have passed to control the power growth and insure the safety of the people, however not at a national level. All of that is about to change thanks to the new people running for president. The threat (or promise) of a national law that would demand the powered beings to register threatens the powered heroes, their family and friends. Will our heroes change the universe for the best or fail their government and people?

Mutant registration

The adventure will start in Detroit. Remember that this is 2036 so there will be some futuristic technology available. You will all be friends when this starts so establishing your friendship will be important. The most important element is that there is a benefactor who united you all together, Max Pulse. Whether or not that is his real name is to be known. Max has gathered you all to the meeting place when this game starts.

The true GM of this game is Henry Bingham, aka Nate. Killervp assists with the layout and maintenance of the site.

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Dawn of a New Era

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