You guys wanted info on the 5 countries that you had consideration. Here they are and the known rumors on the mutants in the last five years.

Argentina – This country has become a haven for mutant hunting. Those that are not human in appearance are open season. There is even an award for each head turned in.

Brazil – The mutants here are worshiped. They control the government. There has been some that have disappeared but no one is really sure outside the country.

Chile – Mutants are not here. They are not seen or heard from.

Mexico – You have two options work for the government or the drug cartel; either way you will be shot at. Those that attempt to be independent are manipulated (black mailed) into joining one or the other.

Canada – The government controls mutants here. They are recruited the moment that their powers reveal themselves. Some Canadians consider this has lead to baby snatching.

Central America – This ‘area’ is under constant civil war and has broken into small factions that even the UN do not want to deal with. What was once seven distinct countries is now one country that is divided into tribes and clans in a constant state of civil war and conflict. Those that assume power are quickly destroyed by modern warfare. Mexico and Columbia fears that it will reach their own borders and stand armed and ready at their respective DMZ’s. Mutants in this area are regarded with fear and distrust but who can fight one with the power of a tank?


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