Dawn of a New Era

New Beginnings
New Old Worlds

Well, that was interesting, to say the least. I became more powerful than I ever dreamed, helped to save one country, and helped to create another. Now to find my parents, and to see what new challenges await.

Uncle Al has finally given in and sent me back to the world my parents came from, and supposedly escaped back to. I am somewhere where they don’t know what pizza is, and well, to say it is backward would be the ultimate understatement. I just hope that I don’t regret this…..

The beginning from the end
Months later in an undisclosed location

Much has happened, much stayed the same.

Those of us who had chosen to break away from the government of the United States gathered together at the house of our rival, the now infamous Gonzales clones. The mansion is more like it. We thought to corner them there like the rats that they are, but they slipped out before we began to tear apart the place with it’s own protective weaponry. The laser weaponry tore the house apart and set it on fire, but even before it did we knew than not all of the clones were inside. Others remained elsewhere.

Another facility came to our attention. A place we were sure would be the last facility. It may not have been truly the last facility, but there we broke the will of our foe. Gravitron set up on the roof, the robot went in through the wall, and we began to rain their own air conditioning units down on top of them, and then we let loose with the Freezerburn Anti-gen that we had created. We were facing what only moments before had been super powered individuals, but were now ordinary citizens. I tell the world this, not disclosing my whereabouts because I know that I will be branded criminal.

We policed our own for the first time there, and there was no stay of execution for those that would steal power for themselves while killing others who were just trying to live with the powers that nature or accident had inflicted upon them.

We arrested all who survived and gave them over to the authorities of the United States, that country that had betrayed and abandoned us. We are our own country now, free from your petty designs.

Let the incidents in New Mexico be a warning to the rest of the world, any who would enslave or seek to use Xenos to their own ends.

We will not suffer you to live.

Praetor Rebirth

What the F@&# Is Going On Here?
Back on Earth, Nothing Changed

I have tried to understand… I overheard the Senator talking to his long lost sister, and I am more puzzled. I wait, instinct seeking action, yet I wait. I give Shadow and his associates power, yet they waste it, unused, as I wait. I grow impatient to take down the ones that have destroyed the ones I love: the Senator, my parents, even Uncle Al…. yet I wait….
We escaped the moon, with powered, or what did the Senator call us, Zenos, individuals. Many have gone to create a new nation, free of fear and persecution. The few of us, the lucky 13, have gone to extract vengeance upon those that had intended to tear our beloved UNITED STATES OF AMERICA asunder…
Succeeded, to some extent… we only wish an Embassy on this land at this point… Will I be accepted in this new nation I helped to create? I am only a human… a blessed human, with magic ability, yet I do not fit with the Xenos (is it Zenos?) that the Senator so eloquently described… I felt I was the witness to this generations “I Have A Dream” speech… yet felt strangely disconnected. Do I truly belong? Or am I destined to be another footnote- how many of the 5 that surrounded the good Dr. King can you name?
This is my fear…
Mhoram Haslip “Mageright”

Declaration of Xeno Independance

Our forefathers on this, the American continent, had occasion in the past to declare their independence from their oppressors. They declared that god gave them the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The government that is the benefactor of this same declaration has itself become the oppressor. They do not, however, seek to tax a subservient branch or alter the legal code of one of their member states. They seek to deny us those inalienable rights that their forebears declared were of god. In addition, the states of this republic agreed to these rights, and others, as each ratified the Constitution and Bill of Rights of this nation.

They demand all of the responsibilities of a citizen, but give us none of the privileges of the same. These rights are not in the purview of any government to rescind, but this Republic has set it’s own well being above that of it’s citizens.

They have killed us, imprisoned us, and in some cases taken away our very identity. They vilify us, and seek to destroy us. We have only ever tried to aid those in power who despise us.

As of this moment we declare our independence from every established government. We declare that their laws have no hold upon us, nor do their people have reason to fear us. We do not declare their right to rule as void. We simply declare our right, as a nation without borders, to the same rights of self-determination that all humans have.

They are blind to a threat from beyond our solar system, and so we are blind to them. You govern the Humans, which we are not. We are no longer Homo sapiens as all humans consider themselves, but we are Homo Xenos. We will govern the Xenos as the current governments of this world govern the Humans. They are our responsibility as the humans are yours. We will not coerce any Xeno that chooses not to join us, as we will not turn away any Human that believes as we do.

As long as you turn away from the example of the United States of America, we have no quarrel with you or yours. The United States has proven itself our enemy, and will be treated as such, until a time comes when we can reconcile our differences to the betterment of all.

Send us your Xenos, and we will find a home for them away from you. We will not bother you, and you will have the normal world that you desire. Send us your super powered and we will leave you with security.

We will police our own. We will not police you in your internal politics except where it impacts those who are a part of our nation, the world as a whole, or where our assistance is specifically requested.

Chris' Journal
Welcome to the Resistance

I remember it well. It was the day we became more than five. It was the day we became “The Resistance”. Katashi Nakamura “Shadow”, Torpedo and I were still trapped in the hospital room, but it was clear that it was more of a prison as there were guards waiting outside. I quickly asked Shadow for his military grade knife while we planned an escape. Torpedo was still under the influence of our silver plated halos. While I was preparing by hiding behind the door, fate forced our hand. The soon former Dr. Swanson and two guards walked into the room. After Dr. Swanson entered and saw that there was only Katashi Nakamura “Shadow” and Torpedo, I jumped behind the door and planted Shadow’s knife into the guards face with full force. The other side officially gained its first casualty. Shadow subdued the other guard, while Torpedo silenced Dr. Swanson. I quickly put on the dead guards uniform and instructed Shadow to do the same. Shadow and I interrogated Swanson to learn how to shut off these halos. At the moment we were only focused on ourselves. She stated that the generator was powered by supers and to remove the supers would remove the generator and its capabilities. Unfortunately those powering the generators could not be saved in the removal process. This was when we proceeded to knock out the remaining guard and strap both him and Swanson into our once occupied beds and gag them.
After we made short work of the two, we devised a plan to use Torpedo as our prisoner and transport her to the basement to be used as a power source for the generator. As we left the room, we saw that the situation was much worse than once thought. It appears that all the supers have been reduced to an almost lobotomy style state and these once great heroes feared the guards as if they were stronger. It became evident that our mission was not just for ourselves anymore, but for the supers all around the world. As we continued down the hallway, some guards stopped to ask us why we had our “prisoner”, Torpedo, and why my faceplate had a hole. I quickly explained that Torpedo had resisted the halo and is now subject to being put in the pods for the generator. It worked. The guard dismissed my excuse with a laugh and even looked in the general direction of the basement. Unfortunately after heading that direction for a while, we remembered Dr. Swanson’s warning that we would not be able to see the way to the basement with our halos on. Therefore we needed a plan. This was were I told Torpedo to use her acting to the best of her ability and beat us up in front of a guard. That didn’t take much convincing on our part, as she hit us extremely hard. She didn’t hold her punch at all. That’s when I noticed her in a new light. I felt pity for her. How could such a beautiful being not be observant of her natural looks? Why must humans be so afraid of us that they try to conform us to their version of normal? It was at that point that I truly began to appreciate her for her natural gifts and beauty. Then I hit the floor like a sack of potatoes and Katashi Nakamura “Shadow” followed shortly after. It worked. The guards came over quickly and subdued Torpedo. It took all of my strength to refrain from crushing these puny homo-sapiens like bugs. Every kick brought me one step closer to the edge. I pulled the guards of and pulled rank on them. I was extremely lucky that the guard I killed happened to be a Sergeant or we never would have gotten as far. I ordered one of the guards to lead us to the basement so that we may safely escort the prisoner. It was at this time alarms started going off. “TWO CLASS 5 Mutants have escaped!” This almost killed my plans. However, I kept my cool and demanded the one to guide us so that our prisoner did not escape and aid the other two. This also worked and we were off running down the halls. Eventually the soldier I was following ran straight throw a wall. This freaked the crap out of me, but then I remembered Swanson’s description and slowly walked through, while Shadow bravely ran through. It was a teleporter room and we soon found out that we were in for a rough ride as we appeared in a room with twenty-five rifles trained on us. Luckily they lowered them pretty fast when they saw us as one of them. One of them. It’s funny to think that this was the last time I was truly considered one of them. One of the scientists looked at us and pointed at pod sixteen. The guard carried Torpedo over his shoulder and I nudged Katashi Nakamura “Shadow” to give her his knife. It was do or die time. I saw the generator. It was huge and there was a blue force field around it. No matter. With that I looked at Katashi Nakamura “Shadow” and I can only hope he knew what I was about to do. CRASH! The generator fell straight into the ground and blew out immediately. I had focused all the energy I could to make the generator weigh fifty times its normal weight.
With that the power went out. The emergencies kicked on for us to see that a simultaneous exploding sound was the supers within the pods imploding into a bloody pulp. This loss was unacceptable and those behind it will pay for it with their lives. I then took off my helmet turned to Torpedo, smiled at her while holding out a hand to help her out of her pod and stated, “Welcome to the resistance.” With that I quickly disrobed this uniform of hatemongers and let go. I let go of all the restraint within me, every last shred of it. The beast has been set free and it is time for him to feed. Gravitron calmly turned on his powers of kinetic energy and gravity manipulation. He walked over to the closest mainframe. It was clear that the guards now knew who we were. I picked up the mainframe and before throwing it, I said “You know those class 5 mutants you were looking for, well I’m one of them.” With that the last thing that went through thirteen of these guy’s heads was the power chord of the mainframe I hurled at them. I then picked up the second mainframe as they began to train their guns on me and killed another eight. I can only imagine that at that time Shadow and Torpedo were glad that they were on my side and also that they would never want to anger Gravitron in the future.
We arose to the hallways to see a station full of chaos. The supers, now freed from their restraints, were beating up guards. It was good to see my brothers back to their normal selves. I stood there with Katashi Nakamura “Shadow” and Torpedo and said “All those who want to live and escape come with me. We are leaving this base.” With that we started following the soldiers trying to escape to their ships. Katashi Nakamura “Shadow” grabbed one of the soldiers trying to sneak away and did an excellent job interrogating him, with the help of a brute of a hero grabbing his throat. The soldier stated that there are two hangars and he would lead us to one. We followed his lead and to our happy surprise we saw two large ships at our disposal. However, it was not time to leave. I turned to the other supers following us and told them to lead everyone they could find to these two ships and I told the brute holding the soldier to lead the rest to hangar one. In the meantime Torpedo, Katashi Nakamura “Shadow” and I were going to figure out how to fly these ships. As I sat down in the cockpit, I noticed that these ships were definitely not human technology, but luckily for all of us it was very close to how a human would lay out the controls.
When I was preparing my pre-flights and checking the radio, I heard a familiar response over the other end. It was Mihos, or so I thought. He stated that Mhoram, the senator and himself were there to rescue us. We didn’t really need the rescuing at the moment but the effort and the thought gives me renewed confidence in each of these people and now I can truly call them friends instead of colleagues. Well, this was enough information for me, and we took off as soon as we could before the place self-destructed. From what I heard over the radio, Mihos was attempting to blow up a backup generator to stop the self-destruct sequence. This did not work out as planned. I won’t bother with the details.
As we began to enter Earth’s orbit we heard the familiar voice of Gonzalez over the radio. He stated we had moments to live as he shut down our engines. Thankfully I am a trained pilot and have studied the aerodynamics of most aerial vehicles. I was able to land with relative ease. I can not say so for the other pilots, but they at least managed to land somewhat safely. As the other ships were letting their passengers off I went to the back to talk to mine. I stated that we have been chosen to be guinea pigs. We are lower than humans and will continually be treated as such. It was time to make a stand. Together we stand stronger than we do separately. With that several supers chose to stay behind. We had the first seventy members of what would now become known as the Resistance.
Raised fist1

Hope Springs From Negatives
We Shall Prevail!!

There are 2 ways of looking at our predicament: either we are done for or this is a new beginning. I must look at this positively, or I shall lose my mind.

Con-Gen-X has taken over my beloved country, and taken away all that I believe in. They have even made my hero the Senator angry. They took Gravitron & Shadow away! Now that we are all together, Mihos has gone…. My anger and disappointment knows no bounds. My parents exiled, my friends jailed, my hero upset, and a friend lost… I should explain my hope.

One thing that troubles me: the Mutant Underground. My parents mentioned it in passing. Will have to ask Uncle Al… should see him any moment. I am of the opinion that we should join forces at this point. Wonder who in this group is with them, as my parents warned. Probably Gravitron, and I will go through walls for him at this point.

We escaped the facility on the moon (see here) and we now have an army of supers. I know that 70 people does not seem like much, but 5 of us just blew up a moon base! They, the corrupted US government, think they can take us on? They have another thing coming. They should have let TMZ air the truth, they should have listened to Senator Johnstone and Representative Rhodes, not the corrupt Gonzalez brothers. We, the Supers, would have made the US the premier nation in the world. Instead we will go elsewhere. Let them try and stop us. 5 took out the moon… 70 will destroy all in its path if they do not let us go.

Oh, and did I mention…. we have spaceships now…


We are done for
This is the end, my friend. My Friend, it's the end.

ConGenex, it would seem, has out-maneuvered us from the outset. They had everything in place, and alien technology to boot. They had a moon base!

But I get a bit ahead of myself.

We arrived at the ConGenex launch site, where we were given the run around by middle management of all shapes and sizes. We were finally seeming to get somewhere when, using bad special effects from television shows of the previous century Striker was taken from us and a talking orb left in its place.

After a moment of prose, the orb left as well, and we are left with a robot of dubious value. I don’t trust the tin can, but it seems disposed to follow all of our orders, so I can live with it…for now.

The person “in charge” at the air field was kind enough to let us finish our aside, which made me even less pre-disposed to believe him. When I say less, I started out wanting to simply put a 12-gauge slug in his head, and progressed to wanting to torture him a bit before ending everything for him.

Death is a mercy I am denied, and I’m damned if I will be merciful to others.

I drew on the pond scum in a uniform, and so his people drew their weapons on me. This was easily remedied with a ring of fire.

That was when the inspiration for Captain America comes riding through the gate on a motorcycle at what could have only been termed a snail’s pace, and began firing into the crowd of soldiers. Yes, he had a gun.

I suppose that fisticuffs was just too much for a man in his eleventies.

This started a short but furious firefight, which we were only too happy to end. Decisively.

I got a few shots off, the robot was indecisive, and Mhoram stood there looking cool and chanting while people shot themselves and got glued to the ground around him.

Is it any wonder that Wizards are a staple of both Fantasy and Urban Fantasy?

The Mysterious figure removed his helmet to show us that he was…Max Powers.

Oh, come on! Really!?

So, the putz tried to prove to us that he’s really a good guy, but I’m not buying his offshore oceanfront property.

We headed to the biggest of the hangars and found an alien space craft. The information that the Robot provided told me two things: The first is that he comes from a race of conquerors, and the second is that they are actually small fish compared to the group that the space craft came from.

For the first time, I realize that the petty squabbles of the United States are just that, petty squabbles.

We are being targeted by not just one, but two interstellar, dare I say Galactic, civilizations. We are a backwater compared to them, but that will not always be the case, and we might even have something they need. Resources come to mind: People and raw materials.

The concerns of the fifth largest land mass, and not even that in population, no longer matter. The concerns of the Humans no longer matter.

I have been thinking a lot about what we are, we supers, we beings of intelligence, we mutants and super soldiers. There was no one term that covered all of these beings. And calling us better than the humans is like the humans who call themselves better than us.

We are just different, and so that is what I think we should be called. Homo Xeno to be exact.

We are Xenos, and we are the only beings on this planet who can hope to lead this world to any future, bright or otherwise.

What we found on the moon base only underscores this for me. The Xenos there, some of whom had been there for years, were being treated worse than even the poorest human. This reminded me strikingly of the holocaust, something that people said they would never repeat.

Apparently, you have to be considered human for that to apply to you.

Xenos need not apply for basic human rights…

We made it off the moon as the base self destructed, and now we have grown our ranks to a grand total of 70 people. Four of us who were originally gathered by Max, the Robot, and the 65 we rescued.

I toss of my allegiance to this United States.

It is time for the Xenos to stand up for themselves. It is time that we also stood up for the future of earth.

Never corner a Senator with a monster in his pocket.

I hesitate to put my emotions down electronically, let alone my thoughts. My sister could still be alive. I continue to stare at the words floating in the air above my iHolo and wonder if it really is the case. Izzy has been known to play some elaborate gags in the past, but I can’t reach him.

He never was one to pass up an opportunity to gloat when he put one over on me, and I doubt he has changed much since college.

But how can this be true. No one has the technology to clone an infant, and yet he would have me believe that they copied my sister down to the scar on her chin. I didn’t check closer at the time, I didn’t have reason to, but maybe there were some differences I could have detected at the time.

The question of who could have done this will have to wait for a later time. Why they did it is more important right now.

Why would anyone have abducted my sister and convinced us that she was dead. It would have been so much easier for them to…

The formula.

They wanted me to create the formula. Something about the serum I created. . .

Oh god. Can it possibly be that my research was used to create Freezer Burn? I doubt that anyone…

I had to ask for assistance. I’d thought he was a friend, someone I could trust. I never told him what I was working on, but what he and I went over…the theories that we pursued…they could have been used to create Freezer Burn.

And I only met him after my sister died. I met him at the exact time that I needed help to progress my research.

My whole life seems to have been a lie. I have been guided like the pawn I am from the second to the seventh.

Unfortunately for them I am one step away from the eighth row. I will cross that line and then there is going to be hell to pay.

You don’t screw with my family and get away with it.

You don’t screw with me and survive.

It is time that they met the beast I have to hold back every time that I transform.

Mr. Hyde is going to come out to play, and Dr. Jekyll will be aiming him like a ballistic missile.

And if they did kidnap her and she died afterward? Then they will pay for killing her twice.

Izzi's last log
Your sister is a clone

Private delayed message to Andrew via comlink


When I broadcasted your fight with ConGenex, I was compromised and will be probably arrested. In the five minutes that I had to investigate (hack) them I found that there are a lot of heroes that went missing or was kidnapped and cloned. The death your family experienced was not your sister but a clone.

I will give more if I get


To my beloved son
World turned upsidedown

Message via Al Medialian


Your father and I have been pulled off active duty and have been given desk jobs. Our superiors found out that we were helping you but could not find out how. Do not contact us via phone and be cautious in using Al’s medalian, they are watching us 24/7. The department believes that you are involved with a terrorist group called the Mutant Underground and are harboring a mutant in your team. Though we do not believe that there is anything terrorist about what you have done we will have to cut back on helping you right now. Your association with your allies endangers you in the possibility of joining your father and I but I believe that when this is over you membership is a shoo in.



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