Dawn of a New Era

The Work has Begun

Cities screen big

Earth has changed to much from my research. They seem to be evolving at a rapid pace, I thought I would be able to guide them towards a better future but they seem to want to fight more then ever. A man contacted me about fighting the rogues humans, those with above average ability who are terrorizing everyone else. This seems like a good start towards forging a home on earth. I do not understand why they do not trust each other though Max has told us he has good intentions.
The group I joined is very capable without speaking we stopped a man from killing officers of the law without causing damage, I even got the mans suit from him I am sure it will come in handy when we examine how it works. It seems like with these people I can do a lot of good very quickly, I think I might be able to smile soon.

Chris Smith's Journal
A New Prospect

Royal blue med

Well I made it to Detroit. It looks like it was more of a job offer than a blackmail. Still I must be careful around everyone. Max Pulse turns out to be not so bad. The others are fairly harsh on him, but his intentions look okay. I have reason to believe that he may be one of “us”. Why would an average human care so much for our kind if he wasn’t? Well I did get to see what other powers are out there. I got labeled a class 2 mutant. I can’t wait to really show them how powerful I have become. All these other heroes are into the whole spandex thing. It seems like Shadow and I are the two that like to keep a low profile. I know I do it because I have family to watch out for, especially with the Iron Enforcer on Gravitron’s trail. I feel bad for Mihos not being able to blend into society. Maybe it is best that he gets the spotlight. If they are pointed at him, then I can sneak around out of the media’s eyes and do some side work. At least I am getting paid well, right? I have earned $25,000 in one week. I think this should help me start a normal life soon. With more money coming in, I feel like I have to keep doing this. I just hope for the sake of these drug addicts we are fighting, that they don’t push me back to the edge. It looks like the old Gravitron from California is dormant. I just hope I don’t have to resort to that again. Anyhow while I’m writing this, Mageright is bugging me to check out his new car. I better go see what it can do before we take it out to the docks. It looks like we may be sinking a few ships tonight.

Rebirth's First Impressions
What have I gotten myself into?

The plan Image found at: http://www.smartdestinations.com/blog/how-to-ruin-your-family-vacation/

Hopefully this system is really as secure as I assume it is, or I am going to be in real trouble here in the near future. Electronic Journals. What will they think up next. I find myself drawn to use it, mostly because Abby gave it to me. I really need to give her a call and let her know that I’m okay.

So, this will be my first entry from Detroit, and I have to say that I’m worried. Max Powers is even more untrustworthy than I initially thought. Well, you know the saying about friends and enemies. I will be trying to keep a very close eye on Mr. Powers. Also, I think that I need to look up that assistant of his. She is entirely too efficient. Just like that, she had cases of a hundred thousand in cash available for each of us.

I have already disposed of my cut of that job. It is in the rear side panel of the jeep I modified this past week. For some reason I don’t trust my own skills of deduction where this Max Powers is concerned.

I find myself playing the politician for our group a lot. I hate it. The public face. I just want to get in and bust a few heads, but I have to keep up appearances in my vigilante actions now as well as my public life. The beast I unleash every time I take that serum doesn’t like to be contained. I feel the strain constantly to try to keep him in check.

So, we took down a villain with super powers, which made it’s way to the news. Not that I appeared there, of course, but the group I am working with did. What a bunch of glory hounds. The big rock guy in our group has brains equal to his physique. He preened for the camera even as he prevented an injury to the villain who was attacking the cops. An injury that could have been avoided with better application of force by ‘Gravitron’ or a less eager application of magic by Mhoram.

I could swear that this was these guys first trip to the rodeo. What am I getting myself into?

I really want to reach out to my network for some information on Max and his cohorts, but I can’t mix my professional life and vigilante life at this point. Sorry, Abby. I know this probably means that you and I will drift apart, but I have to do this.

I need to call Abby.

Gotta love something that is voice to text. Finishing up now, and calling…is that a ringing sound from outside…

Mhoram's First Letter Home
I Miss Mom & Dad

Image found at:

Dear Mom & Dad:

You won’t believe this- I met a Senator today!!! He is working with us!! He talks really nice and polished. There are also some great guys, and a living rock man!! You may see him on the news- He is the face of our group.
We defeated a guy that was giving the Detroit police department some trouble, and it was fun!! One of the guys lowered him down so I could use the paralysis spell Mom taught me. He landed in Striker’s (the rock guy) arms. TV crews caught it live… Did you see it?
Thanks for getting back to me on the Pulse gentleman. I still don’t like or trust him at all. He will not answer any of our questions directly, but all the other guys wanted to work with him so we are. Would love to know more than he appeared 5 years ago.
I should be coming home soon. I completed a job, took down a hero, so I think that qualifies me for the NSA.
Oh, one of the guys is … I forgot his name again.
I will get the senator’s autograph.
Oh… I forgot. We made some modifications to the jeep. We spent a week together, the senator & I, adding a weapon. Yes, the senator is a grease monkey!! I am so impressed!!
So the group is me, the senator, Striker, a kid who is the one who lowered the criminal down, and an asian guy- I still can’t remember his name.
Well, will call soon and let you know when I am leaving- I hope soon.
I do not like the idea of private vigilante heroes- We should all be working for the NSA.


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