Dawn of a New Era

Max to the team

delayed message via Strikers communicator.

To the Team,

I intended to contact you and give you more information about what is going on in Florida but you went a head of me and are at the airfield compound. I would exhort you to use caution, the people that you are attempting to attack are powerful and will capture you playing on your weaknesses.

When the Senator took over my project and copied my data on you guys I got a copy of his (by reason of subterfuge). There is a lot that you do not know about ConGenex but when the time is right I will reveal all.

Take care,

Max Pulse

Shadow's Adventure Log

Team7 2
The Senator rented a house in the suburbs of Detroit to stay in while we work for Max. Then for some reason, three helicopters flew towards our house and dropped off a bunch of soldiers. A senator from Michigan was in one of the helicopters as well, so it seemed the government was out to get us now. How we went from trying to stop a drug trade to this is rather unclear to me.

Anyways, Gravitron and I were hiding on the roof, and we decided to run. Unfortunately, one of the helicopters spotted us and pursued us. I found a hiding spot and aimed to snipe the pilot if necessary, but Gravitron threw something and hit the pilot through the glass, and then caught the ’copter. But then, a very strange sensation came over me, and I heard a voice say, “shoot at the helicopter until your gun is empty.” Then my arms and hands seemed to move on their own accord, and I was helplessly shooting my rifle. I must have gotten very unlucky, because after my third shot, the ’copter exploded! I was flung through the air and my body throbbed in pain, and I barely held on to consciousness. A man suddenly appeared and grabbed me, despite me attempt to dodge his grasp. And the world shifted. I found myself in a van with no windows, and a woman in the van gassed me, and I passed out.

When I came to, I was in a bed in a hospital. I was wearing a hospital gown, and I had none of my gear. Gravitron was in the room too. We were both strapped to our beds. I had some strange, hazy memories that I was supposedly a convict and I was on my way to prison, but I knew them to be false. I attempted to get out of my constraints, but I couldn’t quite get my hand out. Then a nurse came in and gave Gravitron a shot and he passed out. The nurse then gave me a shot, but I resisted the drug, and I pretended to be knocked out as well. Then I heard a couple of people come in and I overheard the same senator that was on the helicopter. He and a couple of nurses were arguing about whether their plan was going to work or not. After a while they then left.

After they had gone, I tried to get out of the straps again, and succeeded. I then woke up Gravitron, but he was acting very strange, and he didn’t seem to remember me at all. I freed him from his bed and talked with him, but he still didn’t remember anything. He was convinced that we were both criminals on our way to prison. He was wearing a strange silver headband on I head and I realized I had one on too. I tried to take it off, but it shocked me when I tried to. After talking with Gravitron for a while and much trial and error with the headbands (and much very annoying shocking), he started to remember me and himself.

After a while, we noticed there was a woman in the room with us. She was strapped to a bed like we were and unconscious. To me she had silver skin, but Gravitron said he saw normal pink skin. We woke her and freed her from her bed. She didn’t seem to know anything except that she was a convict on her way to prison. She also thought she had normal skin. I’m sure there is a way to safely remove the headbands, but I can’t seem to think of it. There is a lot of things that don’t seem to make sense to me. How was information stolen from Max? Which government agency has Gravitron and I captured? And are they planning on leashing everyone with powers with these headbands? It is time to bust out of here and get some answers.

-Katashi Nakamura “Shadow”

Mhoram's First Journal
I'm Mad as Heck, And I'm Not Going to Take It Anymore!

They have crossed the line. They have taken my friends. It is time to grow up, grow a pair, and no longer sit on the sidelines. I have never been in a situation where someone I cared about has been in danger, and now I am face to face with it. That a…hole (forgive my language) Senator Gonzalez will pay for this!!! He has taken my friends, my group members, and put them in Florida!!
Who knows how much they are suffering? Who knows what has been done to them?
Mom tells me that the Gonzalez’ just showed up, miraculously, about 6 years ago…. Are they demon spawn? Where did they come from? Are they the antithesis of Mihos aka Striker? All I know is Striker is good, and the Senator and his brothers are bad. Max Pulse, the slime, tells us to meet him at one of the Gonzalez’ airfields… The Senator, the good one, Andrew Johnstone “Rebirth”, was right, we could not trust him…
So now, we have Chris Smith aka “Gravitron” and Katashi Nakamura “Shadow” incarcerated by the Gonzalez brothers, and Striker is inside the compound. My “Uncle Al” has left us some items he think will help us, and me and the good Senator are on our way to help Mihos rescue our comrades. Senator Johnstone has done a great job trying to discredit the evil Gonzalez brothers by making sure the truth got broadcast, and I called in TMZ to help use Striker’s celebrity to show the truth as well.
Hope we are successful rescuing our friends…
Mhoram Haslip “Mageright”

Chris Smith's Journal
David and Goliath

It was the day I died. I remember it well. We were all sitting down for a chat in the Senator’s rental home, when we were attacked by government agents who got information leaked from Max Pulse. The others wanted to surrender, but Shadow and I had no intention of doing so. While the others waited on the front porch, Shadow and I climbed the roof and quickly attempted to make our escape. I ran as fast as I could, but one of the apaches came after us. It looks as if there was no hope. So I told Shadow to jump off and save himself. I continued to have the helicopter chase me while Shadow set up his rifle to take down the pilot. However it was then I remembered my non-lethal tools I just picked up at Sports Authority. I quickly turned on the apache with squash ball in hand and let it fly. The ball shattered the windshield and knocked the pilot unconscious. The helicopter went into a nose dive and with agility on my side, I ran up and caught it in the nick of time. I decided to set the helicopter down in the street only to hear shots being fired at me. Or was it me? When I saw that they were hitting the helicopter I decided to run with it and avoid a disaster. Unfortunately the last bullet somehow hit the fuel supply and exploded. The world around me turned white. The next thing I know, I am in a hospital. The weird part is that someone or something was trying to get me to think I was en route to prison. Fortunately, Shadow had resisted this effect and snapped me out of my stupor. Now it is up for Shadow, Myself, and some mystery silver woman to make an escape out of this real prison we have found ourselves in. Have we been abandoned? Are our “friends” looking for us? We seem to be limited in our powers due to these silver restraints on our heads. Is Gravitron lost forever, or will Chris Smith find a way to release him and all the gales trapped inside of him?

Uncle Al
Wierd Godfather

Mom & Dad-

Wow, what a day!! As you know from our conversation on the phone, I have met “Uncle Al”. He is one weird, but pretty cool, dude. I spent 2 months learning magic, in some dimension with great restaurants and not much else.
Anyway, just wanted to just catch up and say hi.
The Senator has rented us a house.

Chris Smith's Journal
Come Fly With Me

It looks like we still have more traps to set. It appears the young lady Shadow and I have taken into custody has finally talked. She seems to know of more big fish to fry before we take down this narcotics boat. It seems like I am slowly being sucked into the shoes of my father. All this hunting around for people has gotten me on edge. I am ready to go straight to the goal. However, I do understand the fact that this group acts similar to a hydra. Remove one head and two more will just grow back. This is what lead us to the nightclub. Our source that will finally lead us to the ones we are looking for are here. We finally found the man that would expose the corrupt cops as well as the one who would lead us to the next biggest fish in our pond. This whole incident at the club was like shooting fish in a barrel really. I subdued the henchmen with the club owner in a state of zero gravity, and Mihos did all the talking. It was hard for me. I watched as Striker slowly worked on the man while time was ticking. We needed results fast. We were working on a short time-line after all. If I had my way, I would press the information right out of them. Unfortunately though our actions created some problems for us as TMZ arrived on the scene. Thankfully Mihos was focused on the most. It appears that for the time being I have eluded the attention of others or so I thought. After the action for the night, I received a call. It looks like someone has noticed me and has decided to warn me that Iron Enforcer is on his way to go for Gravitron. Unfortunately for Mihos, Striker is the supposed Gravitron that they are looking for. I hope that I can avoid whatever happens to hit the fan. If not I am afraid that the beast inside of me will be unleashed once more. The problem is not that I am afraid of it, but that I actually enjoy the feeling of freedom this immense power provides me. For the sake of all those in my way, I hope they don’t push me. The mystery man known only as “Ron” has instructed me to seek out a person with powers in a local hospital. Ron claims that he could be of some assistance to the cause of our brotherhood of fellow mutants. Maybe one day we won’t have to hide our mutant abilities.
Inception screencap 15 inception hallway fight matrix

Rebirth Loses Faith
Paranoia sets in after the events of Chapter 2

I have been a big proponent of the use of technology to make our lives easier, but after the events of the past couple of days, I begin to fear that it is only there to spy on us. I distrust my ability to even speak aloud of everything that is happening.

I can see the end of everything that I hold dear and it scares the hell out of me.

We’re not supposed to succeed out here. We are being set up, and the further that we travel down the rabbit hole, the more information we acquire, the more it seems that we won’t make it out of this alive.

If our puppet masters find out how much I know, then I am dead for sure, but is my life worth more than the freedom of every individual with powers in this country?

No, it’s not.

My sister gave her life for what she believed in, and the least I can do is follow her example. I dedicated half of my life to her memory when I started down this path. It’s time that I dedicated the rest.

The senator will now be pulled into this world of vigilantes and super powers.

It’s time to safeguard the future even at my own expense.

Dirty Work
Some one has a secret

295418 4092 martian manhunter super

I fear, my dear chaps that my first assignment was something terrible. But it didn’t start off so. I was ordered, via text message on my cellular phone, to find a man- John Abrish, and ‘persuade’ him to divulge the location of another “being” I shall say. Apparently, he was to know where Gravitron was. The people who’ve terrorized me into action truely insult me. I am a glorified ‘page’ sent to run their errands. Forgive me for setting my teeth to grinding. The worst part of all this I really should divulge. Off I went, sending the usual flowers and making the usual calls to every young woman I knew. And, as luck would have it, one of my 55988 friends on Facebook & SexBook .com knew the man and sent me the info. He was easy enough to lure out. On line you always pretend to be an over attractive, sexually starved female when you want men to show themselves for real and it works every time. OUT OF CHARACTER: streetwise, research, computer op, computer hack, … see, I use skills. BACK IN: now, upon meeting him at a sleezy downtown bar, and his quick discovery that I wasn’t who I prentened to be in the internet zone, he paniced and ran. Well, I had to run after him. I had to find out where Gravitron is. I chased him for several blocks, before the local constable’s got onto us. The police, as usual only around when not desired, attempted to bind us both by law. Abrish reached inside his jacket for something, and one of the officers shot him dead. I raced to reach him before the bullet could hit and was shot myself in the process. They saw that I didn’t go down, but I failed to absorb that one (took it in the shoulder, hurts like the devil). My primary concern was the man now bleeding out in the street. I got to him but couldn’t save him. The officers gave me no orders and simply shot me again. This one I parried. They then started shouting something about “one of them” and they ALL opened up on me. SIGH- what I didn’t grab with my hands, I did absorb, but that woudl be another leather jacket ruined, as well as another pair of designer jeans and they even shot the sunglasses off my face. 500$ Oakly’s. While they were reloading and chuckled aloud. “Feel better chaps?” I don’t know why but they all stopped to listen when I said that (God, this generation is bloody dim). Now, my intent with the next move was to scare them, but it didn’t pan out that way. I walked over and picked up their cars in an attempt to make them run away. Now, I could see that they were about to, but what happened next I can’t recall, save to say that the dead man was the cause. There was a loud noise. A bright light. I picked myself up (to my chargin I was still alive, meaning I got to feel all the pain, but thankfully nothing was broken and I was still in one piece. But the first man- Abrish- was gone. There was only a crator where his bdoy lay. All the constables were slain. Both of their automobiles were burning masses of twisted metal, and was more seriously injured than I thought. I dragged myself to the hospital and all I could think was: “Abrish had more than one secret and no we’ll never know what any of them are?” Several hours later I had a visitor. It would seem that I succeeded in my mission after all. Graitron had come to see me, for that was how he intruduced himself. Sadly, I had no ay to contact the ruddy bastards who put me onto this in the first place. So there I was; in a hospital bed, heavily injured and sedated, and sharing converse with someone rumored to be extremely dangerous. I will never again do another persons dirty work. It’s time I started worked them instead.
The Police Are Corrupt!!
Life is Not What I Thought

Polls a crooked cop 0933 166626 poll xlarge

Dear Mom & Dad-

The Police Chief in Detroit killed a good cop!! The Police are corrupt!!
We followed up on some leads about drugs that give temporary superpowers, and found a dealer! The dealer had a contact inside the Police!!! This contact was in league with the Chief of Police!! You always told me, Mom & Dad, that it was a cruel world out here, with much evil… you were right!!
Striker took all the credit! I am now acting as his agent. Did you see me on TMZ, or did they edit me out? After the club, which I am sure you saw on tv… who hasn’t? By the way, the real hero was that young guy I told you about last week, the kid who has gravity powers, he got the drug dealer. Striker does not have that power, we just pretended. The guy I told you about before, the one I couldn’t remember his name, he is Shadow…cool, huh? He followed a druggie, made sure she told the truth to the Senator (I don’t know how he got the info, and I don’t want to.. I look up to him) and made sure the dealer got to the club for the trap. Then, the rest that you saw on tv happened.
So Shadow & the Senator found out who the insider at the police department was…. and we followed him. That’s the 2nd part you saw on tv- Striker getting the corrupt cops, including the chief.
What really happened was the Senator took them down, with help from Shadow. We, Striker, the kid & I, arrived after it was all done. They did all the work, Striker gets the credit.
I am still waiting for your call, or a call from the government, saying I am accepted as part of the NSA…. what is the delay?
Oh well, we are doing good here…

Black ... Whitemaled!
A funny thing happened today

320 cp24 hotel fire 090918

Just once, I would like to have a nice, normal, QUIET date with a gorgeous young lady. But apparently that is never going to happen. So, late one night, as I was in the process of entertaining a number of lovely ladies, my overture was rudely interrupted by several men breaking into my penthouse suite. I mean really, they came through the glass; my first thought was, in fact, ’Didn’t that hurt?’. My thoughts were brought back to the reality of things when I realized the ladies were sreaming and the men were tossing gas bombs all about. Knock out gas, I think. I could only sigh a long a tired sigh. How many times must I do this before they get the message. Perhaps I should try sending a pigeon. I tried to stop the ladies, but they were screaming and sobbing and running out the door- and I just opened the champaign! I cannot possibly send it back now and it’s terribly expensive; the nerve!-so instead, I checked my cravat, cleared my throat, and sought to adress them accordingly: “Evening gents, could I interrest you in some fine h’or-” Thats when they shot me. This is not a jest; the pointed their rifles at me and proceeded to vindicate me. The impudence! The gall!! I didn’t even get to finish my sentence. And all I did was give them a proper invite. Thats the porblem with these kids today- no manners. Well, they having made it clear that there would be no successful cesation of hostilities, I was careful not to let them tear my clothing up too much (Dulc is more expensive then the suite I was in and I was not about to let them tear up my ensemble). I shall admit that fighting in one’s undergarments is not to be advised, but it is the easiest way to allow my powers to absorb the bullet and energy impacts they were raining into me. They quickly ran out of ammunitions, at which point, I calmly and quickly ejected them from the combat. Punching and kicking is so vulgar and base; I seized the cords that they swung in on and, like a cluster of helium filled balloons, tossed them into the night sky. Unlike balloon, however, they did not float away. They fell. Serves them right I say. You shouldn’t interrupt a man when he’s entertaining and you most certainly shouldn’t shoot a man you know nothing about. But, as it turns out, the joke was entirely on me. During the shooting, one them set up a small video screen. It’s projection was of a man- tall with fiery hair who refused to identify himself- a caucasian meta-human , very well dressed but more than that I couldn’t say. He flattered me with the usual spitle (seeing you in action was so great, you are so amazing, I have never seen anyone like you, ect.). I hear it everyday and I only listen when the it comes from beautiful women. That being the case I made set to drop kick the small device out of the ‘now-shattered’ windows, when something fell at my feet. Lying atop the small device the enitre time was … my mothers ring. My father kept it. “Paying attention now,” the screen said. “Implicitly,” I replied. The rest, as they would say my dear fellows, is history. I find myself … oh, for lack of a more accurate term, ‘lumped’ in with a wrost class of super beings imaginable. There is a ‘deux ex machina’ and a young lady whose attractive enough, but there is something very off about her. Toss in ‘the local zoo’ and you have those with whom I am perform the given task of protecting the man on the screen. The white man who decided he had the divinity to delegate his misery to his betters- it’s offensive. But for the sake of my family’s safety, I will do this for him. There is no other way to say but with a juicey pun; I have been ‘whitemaled’ into being a hero!

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