Moon Ships

Atorian transport


SDC: 2300
AR: 18
Length: 25 yards
Width: 10 yards
Height: 8 yards

Each wing has a double fixed laser (3D6X10 damage, 1200 foot range) Using both wings to shoot counts as one attack and does double damage.

There is a swivel turret on the top that fires railgun rounds (6D6X10, 1800 foot range). Each shot can be single shot, short (10 rounds) or long (30 rounds; two attacks).

Stats and bonsuses
Speed: Mach 3; 200 MPH cruising (takes a full melee to get to cruising speed, 3 minutes for full speed)

Pilots get no bonus to pilot because of alien origin (in fact there is a -30% to pilot aircraft).

One pilot and two co-pilots
Seats 26 comfortably (could accommodate for double but very cramped and pilot gains another -10% to pilot).


Data confirms that this ship (or rather the three ships) are Atorian in origin.

Moon Ships

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