Hova-Van (government issue)


Betsie is a modified C-15 “Land Shark” APC
Crew: 1 driver, once gunner and up to 12 passengers with no armor
S.D.C. by location:
Main Body: 600
Tires (6): 100
Cockpit windows: 200
Rear bay door: 300
Upper hatch (2): 200

70 (ground)
200 (air)

Range: 300 miles before refuel
Length: 30 feet
Weight: 7 tons

Pilot bonus:
Driver: +2 initiative
Gunner: +1 initiative, +1 strike (weapon system)

Main turret: Ion Cannon
Range: 600 feet
Damage: 1D4X10
Rounds: Effectively Unlimited
Bonuses: -2 to strike

Secondary turret: Missile tubes
Range: 600 feet
Damage: 1D6X10
Rounds: the van is equipped with 10
Bonuses: +1 to strike


Bessie is an affectionately named hova-van that was given to Mhoram from his parents who are government agents. Mhoram and Andrew have modified the flying machine to now have an energy weapon that sprays its blast. Effective in range and damage but not in hitting its target. This black hova-van has a impressive array of goodies that the team have not discovered yet but will.

Hova-Van (government issue)

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