Mihos, "The Fallen One" aka Striker

alien mutant


Name Mihos, “The Fallen One”
Rank 1st Level
OCC Alien Mutant
Race Animated Rock
Land of Origin: Tuar

HT 7’ Save vs Spell +7
WT 340lbs Save vs ritual +7
PPE 11 Save vs Psionic +3
HP 40 Save vs toxin +7
SDC 492 Save vs poison +7
Save vs Drugs +7
Save vs Insanity +0
Birthday Unknown Save vs poss. +0
HTH:Martial Save vs horror +0
Cash: 5000 Save vs coma/death +34%
Valuables: 16000 Save vs pain +0
Alignment Scrupulous Save vs illusion +0
P.P.E. 10 Save vs. m.c. +0
Experience Level: 3
Experience Points: 2850
Next Level: 3000
Attribute Score COMBAT Bonus
IQ 13 Strike +1
ME 13 Parry +6
MA 10 Dodge +3
Auto-Dodge +4
PS 87 Roll +12
PP 10 Pull +4
PE 22 Initiative +8
PB 6 Damage +72
SPD 9 Attacks 6
Alien Physiology
Humanoid Mineral
Natural AR 14
SDC 234 (4D4+10 per level of experience)
PS +24
Abrasive Atmosphere
7’ Tall
340 lbs
Natural AR 12
SDC +100
PS equal to Extraordinary Strength
Mutant Alterations
Stark White Body
Species normally looks like dark granite.
Prehensile Tail
+1 Strike and Parry with tail
+5 Dodge with tail
+20% Climb while tail is used
Can support body but only carry 1/3 body wait
5’ long
Stocky, broad
50 lbs added
PS +4
PS equal to Superhuman Strength
SDC +7
Large Hands
50% larger then normal
Large retractable Claws dealing 3d6+PS Damage
Feline Face
Like a lion
Pointy Ears
Like a lion

Super Powers
Minor Powers
Healing Factor
|PE +7
HP +12
SDC +25
+20% vs coma/death
+3 vs magic, poison, toxins, and psionic attacks
Recover 3 SDC per 10 minutes
Recover 1 HP per 15 minutes
Recover 4d6 HP twice daily
Does not fatigue
half damage from fire and cold
one third damage and effect from drugs, poisons, and toxins
Does not scar|
|Superhuman Strength
PS +25
Can carry 200 times PS in lbs can Lift 300 Times
Fatigues at half normal rate|
|Bend Light
Self or a light beam 100’ +15’ per level
Seperate the color band of light
Blank Spot can bend light around self
Parry lasers and other light beams Roll parry +3
Deflect light beams
can see ifrared and ultraviolet 100’ per level|

Major Power
|Sonic Speed
Run at Mach One
+1 Attack at levels 1,3,6,9 and 12
SDC +120
PE +1
Initiative +6
Strike +1
Parry +3
Automatic Dodge +4
Dodge Projectiles flat roll
+6 roll with punch fall or impact
+1 to pull punch at levels 1,3,4,5,7,9,11 and 14 (currently +2)
Normal Punch 1D6
Fast Punch 2D6
Super fast Punch 4D6
Super Fast Kick 5D6
Super Fast Power Punch or Kick 1D6x10 two attacks
Body block ram at 400 mph or greater 2D4x10 +5D6 to hero three attacks
Leap 60’ high 100’ across
Swim 300 mph
0 to mach one in 4 seconds
5 times better vision
nightvision 500’|

Weapon Proficiencies Strike Parry Thrown Entangle
Blunt 1 1
Energy Rifle
Heavy Energy
Archery and Targeting 1
Energy Pistol
Weapons: SDC Damage Armor
Stun Club 1D6 Natural
|-4 Strike parry dodge |AR 14| |half speed |no initiative |2d4 melees |Compound Bow | | | | | | | |
Primary Skills Base % OCC B+ Level Growth Total %
Boxing +1 Attack +2 Parry and Dodge
+2 PS +6 SDC +1 Roll
+1 Parry and Dodge +1 Roll
+1 PS +4 SPD +7 SDC
Body Building +2 PS +10 SDC
+1 Roll +2 PS +1 PE +17 SDC
|Jet Fighter
40 10 1 4 58%
First Aid 45 10 1 5 65%
English Read and Write 98 1 5 %
Russian Read and Write 98 1 5 %
Egyption Read and Write 98 1 5 %
German Read and Write 98 1 5 %
Arabic Read and Write 98 1 5 %
Secondary Skills Base % OCC B+ CL-A C-R Total %
Cook 35 1 5 45%
Anthropology 20 5 1 5 35%
Archeology 20 1 5 30%
Computer Operations 40 1 5 50%
Research 50 1 5 60%
Basic Mechanics 30 1 5 40%

Inventory: Linen Skirt, Anti-gravity Disc, Air mask for space travel, Disc of history and religion.


Mihos home world has a history of extreme technological and magical power unfortunately that was before his species came into existence. The Ancients attempts to understand the secrets of the universe led to experiments of extreme danger. One of there tests finally went to far and obliterated the lush planet in a storm of magic and energy. The after effect of this storm was an atmosphere so harsh all the creatures were destroyed. The storm began to settle into the very rocks on the planet slowly giving them life. They people who came forth found the structures of there predecessors and learned language and written word, they saw the technology as a divine gift and started there exploration of the planet swiftly.

Mihos entered the world with a strong desire to protect and serve his fellow beings so he entered the religious reclamation branch to help bring peace and knowledge to his people. On one of these excursions they found a room deep in the hills with a small translucent pyramid inside upon touching the pyramid it shattered and transformed Mihos into his current form.
Furious at the destruction of a relic and fearful that his physical change was a curse from the gods his people exiled him from there presence. With Earth as the only planet he had ever researched he decided to go there. Knowing it held nothing for his people he feels that he can protect the Earthlings and maybe find some reason for his change.

Mihos, "The Fallen One" aka Striker

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