Althoth "Al" Tradi'Vetta

Mhoram's Godfather and future teacher


When Mhoram’s parents escaped their home world Al was the chief man behind the run. His parents do not talk too much about Al only that he is his (Mhoram) godfather and an interdimensional traveler. It was Al that chose the world that they escaped to, with an option to return at a later time. That decision has never been made and they have taken nicely to the new world and raised a son. Al (godfather to many children across many dimensions) has chosen to come back to earth to help Mhoram. Its time to go beyond the fundamentals and learn about Palladium and the exodus that happened so long ago.

Al has now met with Mhoram several times. He has been impressed with his growth. However he is keeping secrets back about the world that Mhoram now lives in.

Althoth "Al" Tradi'Vetta

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