Abby Rhodes

Senator of Pennsylvania


Abby is the girlfriend of superhero and Senator Andrew ‘Andy’ Johnstone and had no idea what is going on however she has started a formal investigation to get to the bottom of this. She has belief that he has association with the Irish or Italian mafia. Her informants say that each lead has lead to a dead end where he mysteriously disappears (they are ashamed to mention that they totally forget where he does when he transforms). This has lead to rumors and speculations.

His chemistry background has lead her to believe that he works as a cleaner for the mafia (she would believe the government but there is no record).

Abby loves her guy but wants the truth. The secrets are killing her causing her to grow colder and more distant. She wants answers so she has decided to follow him to Detroit. She aims to find out by her self without lackeys.

Abby has confronted her guy and has decided to become Rebirth’s information front runner, knowing that she can get to information that might not be so privy to others in the country. She doesn’t know that he is working with Izzi but that might come out.

Abby Rhodes

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