Dawn of a New Era

What the F@&# Is Going On Here?

Back on Earth, Nothing Changed

I have tried to understand… I overheard the Senator talking to his long lost sister, and I am more puzzled. I wait, instinct seeking action, yet I wait. I give Shadow and his associates power, yet they waste it, unused, as I wait. I grow impatient to take down the ones that have destroyed the ones I love: the Senator, my parents, even Uncle Al…. yet I wait….
We escaped the moon, with powered, or what did the Senator call us, Zenos, individuals. Many have gone to create a new nation, free of fear and persecution. The few of us, the lucky 13, have gone to extract vengeance upon those that had intended to tear our beloved UNITED STATES OF AMERICA asunder…
Succeeded, to some extent… we only wish an Embassy on this land at this point… Will I be accepted in this new nation I helped to create? I am only a human… a blessed human, with magic ability, yet I do not fit with the Xenos (is it Zenos?) that the Senator so eloquently described… I felt I was the witness to this generations “I Have A Dream” speech… yet felt strangely disconnected. Do I truly belong? Or am I destined to be another footnote- how many of the 5 that surrounded the good Dr. King can you name?
This is my fear…
Mhoram Haslip “Mageright”



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