Dawn of a New Era

The Work has Begun

Cities screen big

Earth has changed to much from my research. They seem to be evolving at a rapid pace, I thought I would be able to guide them towards a better future but they seem to want to fight more then ever. A man contacted me about fighting the rogues humans, those with above average ability who are terrorizing everyone else. This seems like a good start towards forging a home on earth. I do not understand why they do not trust each other though Max has told us he has good intentions.
The group I joined is very capable without speaking we stopped a man from killing officers of the law without causing damage, I even got the mans suit from him I am sure it will come in handy when we examine how it works. It seems like with these people I can do a lot of good very quickly, I think I might be able to smile soon.


Cool… the rock speaks!!

The Work has Begun

Nice, 300 points

The Work has Begun

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