Dawn of a New Era

The beginning from the end

Months later in an undisclosed location

Much has happened, much stayed the same.

Those of us who had chosen to break away from the government of the United States gathered together at the house of our rival, the now infamous Gonzales clones. The mansion is more like it. We thought to corner them there like the rats that they are, but they slipped out before we began to tear apart the place with it’s own protective weaponry. The laser weaponry tore the house apart and set it on fire, but even before it did we knew than not all of the clones were inside. Others remained elsewhere.

Another facility came to our attention. A place we were sure would be the last facility. It may not have been truly the last facility, but there we broke the will of our foe. Gravitron set up on the roof, the robot went in through the wall, and we began to rain their own air conditioning units down on top of them, and then we let loose with the Freezerburn Anti-gen that we had created. We were facing what only moments before had been super powered individuals, but were now ordinary citizens. I tell the world this, not disclosing my whereabouts because I know that I will be branded criminal.

We policed our own for the first time there, and there was no stay of execution for those that would steal power for themselves while killing others who were just trying to live with the powers that nature or accident had inflicted upon them.

We arrested all who survived and gave them over to the authorities of the United States, that country that had betrayed and abandoned us. We are our own country now, free from your petty designs.

Let the incidents in New Mexico be a warning to the rest of the world, any who would enslave or seek to use Xenos to their own ends.

We will not suffer you to live.

Praetor Rebirth


Nice!! Thank you!!

The beginning from the end

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