Dawn of a New Era

Hope Springs From Negatives

We Shall Prevail!!

There are 2 ways of looking at our predicament: either we are done for or this is a new beginning. I must look at this positively, or I shall lose my mind.

Con-Gen-X has taken over my beloved country, and taken away all that I believe in. They have even made my hero the Senator angry. They took Gravitron & Shadow away! Now that we are all together, Mihos has gone…. My anger and disappointment knows no bounds. My parents exiled, my friends jailed, my hero upset, and a friend lost… I should explain my hope.

One thing that troubles me: the Mutant Underground. My parents mentioned it in passing. Will have to ask Uncle Al… should see him any moment. I am of the opinion that we should join forces at this point. Wonder who in this group is with them, as my parents warned. Probably Gravitron, and I will go through walls for him at this point.

We escaped the facility on the moon (see here) and we now have an army of supers. I know that 70 people does not seem like much, but 5 of us just blew up a moon base! They, the corrupted US government, think they can take us on? They have another thing coming. They should have let TMZ air the truth, they should have listened to Senator Johnstone and Representative Rhodes, not the corrupt Gonzalez brothers. We, the Supers, would have made the US the premier nation in the world. Instead we will go elsewhere. Let them try and stop us. 5 took out the moon… 70 will destroy all in its path if they do not let us go.

Oh, and did I mention…. we have spaceships now…




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