Dawn of a New Era

Declaration of Xeno Independance

Our forefathers on this, the American continent, had occasion in the past to declare their independence from their oppressors. They declared that god gave them the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The government that is the benefactor of this same declaration has itself become the oppressor. They do not, however, seek to tax a subservient branch or alter the legal code of one of their member states. They seek to deny us those inalienable rights that their forebears declared were of god. In addition, the states of this republic agreed to these rights, and others, as each ratified the Constitution and Bill of Rights of this nation.

They demand all of the responsibilities of a citizen, but give us none of the privileges of the same. These rights are not in the purview of any government to rescind, but this Republic has set it’s own well being above that of it’s citizens.

They have killed us, imprisoned us, and in some cases taken away our very identity. They vilify us, and seek to destroy us. We have only ever tried to aid those in power who despise us.

As of this moment we declare our independence from every established government. We declare that their laws have no hold upon us, nor do their people have reason to fear us. We do not declare their right to rule as void. We simply declare our right, as a nation without borders, to the same rights of self-determination that all humans have.

They are blind to a threat from beyond our solar system, and so we are blind to them. You govern the Humans, which we are not. We are no longer Homo sapiens as all humans consider themselves, but we are Homo Xenos. We will govern the Xenos as the current governments of this world govern the Humans. They are our responsibility as the humans are yours. We will not coerce any Xeno that chooses not to join us, as we will not turn away any Human that believes as we do.

As long as you turn away from the example of the United States of America, we have no quarrel with you or yours. The United States has proven itself our enemy, and will be treated as such, until a time comes when we can reconcile our differences to the betterment of all.

Send us your Xenos, and we will find a home for them away from you. We will not bother you, and you will have the normal world that you desire. Send us your super powered and we will leave you with security.

We will police our own. We will not police you in your internal politics except where it impacts those who are a part of our nation, the world as a whole, or where our assistance is specifically requested.


You 2 should be proud… this is a great speech!

Declaration of Xeno Independance

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