Dawn of a New Era


Never corner a Senator with a monster in his pocket.

I hesitate to put my emotions down electronically, let alone my thoughts. My sister could still be alive. I continue to stare at the words floating in the air above my iHolo and wonder if it really is the case. Izzy has been known to play some elaborate gags in the past, but I can’t reach him.

He never was one to pass up an opportunity to gloat when he put one over on me, and I doubt he has changed much since college.

But how can this be true. No one has the technology to clone an infant, and yet he would have me believe that they copied my sister down to the scar on her chin. I didn’t check closer at the time, I didn’t have reason to, but maybe there were some differences I could have detected at the time.

The question of who could have done this will have to wait for a later time. Why they did it is more important right now.

Why would anyone have abducted my sister and convinced us that she was dead. It would have been so much easier for them to…

The formula.

They wanted me to create the formula. Something about the serum I created. . .

Oh god. Can it possibly be that my research was used to create Freezer Burn? I doubt that anyone…

I had to ask for assistance. I’d thought he was a friend, someone I could trust. I never told him what I was working on, but what he and I went over…the theories that we pursued…they could have been used to create Freezer Burn.

And I only met him after my sister died. I met him at the exact time that I needed help to progress my research.

My whole life seems to have been a lie. I have been guided like the pawn I am from the second to the seventh.

Unfortunately for them I am one step away from the eighth row. I will cross that line and then there is going to be hell to pay.

You don’t screw with my family and get away with it.

You don’t screw with me and survive.

It is time that they met the beast I have to hold back every time that I transform.

Mr. Hyde is going to come out to play, and Dr. Jekyll will be aiming him like a ballistic missile.

And if they did kidnap her and she died afterward? Then they will pay for killing her twice.


Man, I like how you wrote the piece. Nice touch. It plays into the scenario real well. A little personal history, emotion, and a great tie in.


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